Nature Friendly Farming Podcast

Working with the Landscape with Nikki Yoxall - Agroecology, Agroforestry & The Wee Mob

Episode Notes

Ben and Will head to Aberdeenshire to speak to first-generation farmer, grazier and NFFN Scotland Steering Group member Nikki Yoxall. 

From agroecology to agroforestry, Nikki shares how an agroecological approach can go beyond food production and how building community can help manage a wider landscape. She shares her journey into farming, a decision that came after working as Head of Department at an agricultural college in England and that brought her and her husband to Scotland and their 18-acre farm, Howemill.

Nikki talks about her introduction to holistic farm management as the gateway to owning Shetland heifers through pasture-fed, low-input systems and her experience of entering the sector as a new entrant farmer.