Nature Friendly Farming Podcast

Profitability of Sustainable Agriculture with Sue Pritchard - Fewer Inputs Leaves More Room For Profit and Nature

Episode Summary

Ben and Will are joined by Sue Pritchard, Chief Executive of The Food Farming & Countryside Commission (FFCC). The FFCC is an independent UK charity whose mission is to find radical and practical ways to improve climate, nature, health, wellbeing and rural economies across all four of the home nations; England, Wales, Scotland and NI. The organisation commissions and conducts research and reports relating to agroecology and local food systems, hoping to influence policy reform and future policy development. Sue has also been an organic livestock farmer at Llananant Farm in the heart of Monmouthshire, Wales for over twenty years. Having an extended family full of agricultural workers and smallholders in the Welsh Valleys, Sue had spent many years dreaming of owning a farm before joining forces with her miner father to make the move into agriculture in 2001. She has a herd of Hereford suckler cattle that she uses to produce high-quality, pasture-fed beef. This episode focuses on the final section of the Nature Friendly Farming Network's Rethink Farming report: Prosperity. Will, Ben and Sue discuss the importance of professor Tim Benton's statement from the report; "over the next decade, the profitability of sustainable agriculture will become increasingly apparent – especially in the UK as public monies invested in agriculture change, where perhaps only those farms that truly value natural capital will survive". Sue also shares her opinions and experiences on valuing a "generative" mindset over an "extractive" mindset to help run a flourishing, profitable and sustainable farming business that reduces reliance on fluctuating input prices, while nourishing the environment that feeds into it.