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Farmers and Facilitators: How you can tackle the climate crisis on a local level

Episode Summary

Produced in association with FWAG, in this episode Ben and Will are joined by FWAG's Jenny Phelps as well as Fiona Galbraith and Ian Simpson to discuss how local facilitators can bring farmers, local people and organisations together to tackle environmental and climate issues on a local level.

Episode Notes

In this bonus episode we focus on the question of how best to tackle the big climate issues of our time on a practical local level?

Hosts Will Evans and Ben Eagle are joined by three guests – Jenny Phelps MBE who is Senior Farm Conservation Adviser at FWAG; Fiona Galbraith who is the Founding Director of RuralLink which helps people get into land based careers as well as a former Project Lead for the GREAT Project on Rural Facilitators, Mentors and New Entrants; and Ian Simpson who is a founder member of the community led Bledington Flood Group, committed to preventing flooding in Bledington, a Cotswold village on the border of Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire. 

Integrated Local Delivery website

Animation about integrated local delivery framework

Rural Facilitator Training

Rural Link website

FWAG South West

In this episode we look at the catchment based approach and how you could train to be a facilitator to bring local people, farmers and organisations together in your local area to tackle the issues that your area faces as a result of climate change.